Kisna Nature Park: A Haven for Nature and Wildlife Enthusiasts

Located in the Diamond City of Surat, Kisna Nature Park is a beautiful nature spot created by Brijesh Dholakia under the guidance of Shri Savjibhai Dholakia, Founder & Chairman of Hari Krishna Group. The park was inspired by Brijesh’s personal experience after introducing a fish tank to his home in 2015, which led to children learning to care for and appreciate the beauty of nature. The aim of Kisna Nature Park is to provide a space where the people of Surat can reconnect with nature and its inhabitants, including exotic birds, fish, dogs, and other animals.

Established on 8th March 2020, Kisna Nature Park has quickly gained attention from the people of Surat and nature lovers alike in just three years. The park is home to 38 different breeds of birds, 13 types of animals, and 51 types of fish, totalling 100 unique species of birds, animals, and fishes. This picturesque oasis offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, where visitors can rejuvenate themselves by spending time in nature.

In addition to its diverse wildlife, the park offers a peaceful area for meditation and yoga amid the soothing sounds of chirping birds and calming natural ambience. The Toucan Café also serves refreshing drinks and delicious meals to satisfy your appetite as you wander through the lush greenery.

The park also features a special sitting area where visitors can book a picnic table or sofa sitting to enjoy time with family while feeding the birds and soaking in the serenity of nature. The beautiful natural surroundings make Kisna Nature Park an ideal location for pre-wedding or special photoshoots, with opportunities to capture memories with exotic birds, rabbits, Shih Tzus, and iguanas.

Adjacent to Kisna Nature Park is a dog park. The dedicated dog park provides a fun and engaging space for Surat’s dog owners to bring their pets and let them play in a safe and stimulating environment. Kisna Nature Park is also perfect for special events like birthdays and corporate or educational gatherings, offering loved ones a memorable experience and a deeper understanding of nature. The park frequently hosts school visits for educational purposes, aiming to inspire and educate the younger generation.

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With its wide variety of 100 types of birds, animals, and fish, Kisna Nature Park is truly a haven for nature and wildlife enthusiasts, offering a unique and fulfilling experience for visitors of all ages.

At Kisna Nature Park, you’ll find an amazing variety of birds, animals, and fishes. Here are some of the species you can expect to encounter during your visit:

Type of Birds:

1Toco Toucan
2Red Billed Toucan
5Ring necked Pheasant
6African Gray Parrot
7Sun conure
8Blue Crown Conure
9Monk Parakeet
10Rainbow Lorikeet
11Crimson bellied Conure
12Bluefronted Amzon Parrot
13Eclectus Parrot
14Jandaya Conure
15Green cheeked Conure
16Pineapple Conure
17Blue-yellow Sided Conure
18Nanday Conure
19Green Mask Love Birds
20Blue Mask Love Birds
21Albino Love Birds
22Lutino Love Birds
23Ring Neck Dove
24Namaqua Dove
25Java Sparrow
27Yellow Bishop Finch
28Albino Cockatiel
29Lutino Cockatiel
30Peach Faced Cockatiel
31Pearl Cockatiel
32Cinnamon Cockatiel
34Silver Pheasent
35Severe Macaw
36     Blue & Gold Macaw
37Scarlet Macaw
38     Triton Cockatoo

 Types of Animals:

1Albino Iguana
2Green Iguana
3Squrieel Monkey
4Marmoset Monkey
5Sugar Glider
8Persian Cat
9Siberian Husky Dog
10Golden Retriever Dog
11French BullDog
12Shih tzu Dog

  Types of Fishes:

1Gold Fish
2Black goldfish
3Red &Yellow Parrot
4Paku Pirana
5White Oscar
6Tiger Barb
7Cat Fish
8Mix Chicklet
9Black Shark
10Silver Shark
11Albino Tin Foil
13Redhook Silver
14Blak Oscar
15Flower Horn
17Upside-down catfish
18Sliver Shark
20Blue Poolar
21Golden Stripe Maroon
22Blue Spot Damsel
23Lion Fish
25Blue Gourami
26Milki Koi
27Red Eye Tetra
28Dollar, Widow
29Glass Fish
32Zebra Cichlid
33Black Ghostfish
34Black Angelfish
36Weltail Angelfish
38Albino Red Tail Shark
39Yellow & Red Widow
40Silver Arowana
41Zebra Pink
43Red Eye Giant Gourami
44Black Eye Giant Gourami
45Alligator fish
46Mono Angelfish
47Japanese Koi
48Marine Shrimp
49Needle Fish
51Red Cap Oranda

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327, Silent Zone, Dumas Rd, opp. Surat International Airport, Surat, Gujarat 395007

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Phone: +91 93289 00071

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