The Jenday Conure, also known as the Jenday Parakeet or Aratinga jandaya, is a small and colorful parrot species native to northeastern Brazil. Here’s some information about Jenday Conures:

Appearance: Jenday Conures are known for their vibrant and striking plumage. They have a predominantly green body with shades of yellow, orange, and red on their head, neck, and chest. They also have blue primary flight feathers on their wings and a long, pointed tail.

Size: Jenday Conures are medium-sized parrots, measuring about 12 to 14 inches (30 to 36 cm) in length from the beak to the tip of the tail.

Personality: These birds are known for their playful and energetic nature. Jenday Conures are often described as social and affectionate pets that enjoy spending time with their human companions. They are intelligent and can learn to mimic words and sounds, though they are generally not as proficient at talking as some other parrot species.

Lifespan: Jenday Conures have an average lifespan of around 20 to 30 years, but with proper care, they can live even longer.

Housing: A spacious cage is essential for the well-being of a Jenday Conure. It should be large enough to allow the bird to stretch its wings fully and have plenty of room for toys and perches. A minimum cage size for a Jenday Conure would be around 24 x 24 x 24 inches (61 x 61 x 61 cm). It’s important to provide them with regular out-of-cage time for exercise and social interaction.

Diet: A balanced diet is crucial for the health of a Jenday Conure. It should consist of high-quality commercial parrot pellets, fresh fruits, vegetables, and occasional treats like nuts and seeds. It’s important to avoid feeding them avocados, chocolate, caffeine, and other toxic foods. Fresh water should always be available.

Care and Interaction: Jenday Conures require regular mental and physical stimulation. They should be provided with plenty of toys, puzzles, and opportunities for playtime outside of their cage. Daily social interaction, such as talking to them, handling them gently, and allowing them to perch on your shoulder or play on a stand, is important for their well-being.

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